S7 PLC Datalogging is a solution for monitoring and storing PLC’s data on the cloud. This is giving the opportunity to access the status and history of technology at anytime and anywhere. All you need is a web browser or mobile phone with Android OS.
PLC uses internet connection and does not need static IP address because all data is sent from PLC. This means that you have to modify the PLC program - add two FC and two DB blocks. The procedure is described in the documentation and you can find on our web a simple program.
The program is provided on a subscription basis - 8EUR/month. At this price, you get 50 tags with a minimum sampling period of 10 minutes. You can try it for free via DEMO account. It’s accessible from the program or from our web pages.
If you need immediate information about the alarm in the PLC, please try our program S7 PLC Alarm.